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Rapid Prototyping Services in Singapore

Rapid prototyping is also called additive fabrication technology, as the process involves building up an object by adding successive layers. This is a lot different from traditional methods such as turning, milling and EDM.

Nothing can beat your competition like speed and efficiency. That is why Creatz3D offers you rapid prototyping services to help you get products to the market quickly and efficiently. With prototype in hand, you can easily communicate the intent and purpose of the product. Thus, your product and design team can work towards eradicating design and functional errors at an early stage. In fact, an effective prototype can help you sell a product or idea to your clients, thus helping you secure new projects. Therefore, rapid prototyping acts as an effective communication tool, conveying ideas with more clarity than a memo or a business plan.


Rapid Prototyping to Your Benefit

With our rapid prototyping capabilities and in-depth technical knowledge, you will obtain the competitive edge you require in the product development process in order to market your products quickly. Our rapid prototyping approach makes use of the most advanced materials and latest technologies to achieve your prototyping goals. Rapid prototyping not only offers a quick turnaround, but also offers rapid prototyping engineering experience that can help you in saving your time as well as money.