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Connex3 3D Production Systems

Multi-Material 3D printing in Vivid Colours

Meet the most refined 3D printer in today’s modern world. The Objet 350 and Objet500 Connex3 3D printing systems permit users to fabricate amazing coloured models with multi-material components ranging from rigid to flexible and clear to opaque.

Be inspired by unlimited opportunities and transform your designs and ideas into reality.



Download Objet500 Connex3 Spec Sheet
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Attractive Colours Combined into One

9 interlocked rings in rainbow colors, printed in one job

The Objet Connex3 3D printing systems enable an incorporation of 46 colors into one prototype design, ranging from true jet black, sunny yellow to shocking magenta and many other beautiful blended hues. Take your pick from ten colour palettes, including rich opaque and stained-glass-like translucent for repeatable, vibrant colours that will impress both your clients and colleagues.

Multitude of Materials

Create prototype realism with exponentially more multi-material options than any other 3D printers. The Objet Connex3 allows you to fabricate rubber-like, rigid and clear parts into a single model and offers hundreds of composite materials that blends right in perfectly. Connex3 gets you the exact properties you need, even in challenging industries such as consumer products.

Blue glasses with tinted lenses and black rubber parts


Connex3 is the only 3D printing machine that allows you to combine the strongest PolyJet photopolymer, Digital ABS, with other materials of your choice. This strengthens prototypes with rigid and soft-touch components and overmolding and also allowing you to incorporate clear and Digital ABS features into one build.

Digital ABS in a mix: Six composite materials combining Rubber-like Material and Digital ABS represent a variety of Shore A values with great durability.

Stratasys has progressively been creating a range of digital materials from two base resins using Connex multi-material 3D printing. Thus, enabling designers to have the opportunity to successfully mix flexible and rigid materials with a range of Shore A values into a single build, or clear and opaque materials with a range of semi-translucency. Additionally, the Objet500 Connex3 increased the maximum number of base resins to three and input more colours to the choices.

Objet350/500 Connex3 Printer Specifications

Man evaluates a complex model on the tray of an Objet500 Connex3

Net build size:
Objet350 Connex 3: 342 × 342 × 200 mm (13.4 × 13.4 × 7.9 in.)
Objet500 Connex3: 490 × 390 × 200 mm (19.3 × 15.4 × 7.9 in.)

Layer thickness:
Horizontal build layers down to 16 microns (0.0006 in.)

Build resolution:
X-axis: 600 dpi; Y-axis: 600 dpi; Z-axis: 1600 dpi

Printing Modes:

  • Digital material: 30-micron (0.001 in.) resolution
  • High quality: 16-micron (0.0006 in.) resolution
  • High speed: 30-micron (0.001 in.) resolution

20-85 micron for features below 50 mm; up to 200 micron for full model size (for rigid materials only, depending on geometry, build parameters and model orientation)

Input Format:

Workstation compatibility:
Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit

Network connectivity:

Size and weight:
Objet500 Connex3:
1400 (w) x 1260 (h) x 1100 (d) mm
(55.1 x 49.6 x 43.3 in.)
430 Kg (948 lbs.)

Material Cabinet:
330 (w) x 1170 (h) x 640 (d) mm
(13 x 46.1 x 26.2 in.)
76 Kg (168 lbs.)

Print heads:
8 units

Power Requirements:
110–240 VAC 50/60 Hz; 1.5 KW single phase

Operational Environment:
Temperature 18 C-25 C (64 F-77 F); relative humidity 30-70 percent (non-condensing)

Objet Studio Software

Complex gears in seven colors on Objet Studio screen

Objet Studio makes it easy to generate high-quality, accurate 3D models. It automatically converts STL and SLC files from any 3D CAD application into build material and support 3D modeling slices. You can edit trays faster, perform routine system maintenance, assign materials and handle job queues using click-and-build wizards. Objet Studio features:

  • User-friendly tray build setup incorporating multiple materials and models
  • Automatic support generation
  • Quick slicing so that printing can begin immediately
  • Auto-placement of trays for consistent and precise positioning
  • Multi-user networking

To top it off, with the launch of the Stratasys Creative Colours (The product of a joint collaboration between Stratasys Objet Software and Adobe 3D Colour Print Engine), you can now design multi-coloured, life-like 3D models effortlessly, without the hindrance of lengthy and complex procedures. Bypassing the troublesome steps of rendering, fixing and preparing the 3D files on a separate 3D software, Stratasys Creative Colours lets you create 3D models with vibrant colours and diverse textures all on one platform.

To learn more about Stratasys Creative Colours can enhance your business workflow, please proceed here.

Model materials:

Digital model materials:

Hundreds of composite materials can be manufactured on the fly including:

  • Vibrant blended colors in rigid opaque
  • Translucent colored tints
  • Rubber-like materials in a variety of Shore A values
  • Polypropylene-like materials with improved thermal resistance

Support material:
SUP705 non-toxic gel-like photopolymer support