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Design Series

The Power of Prototyping. Maximized.

Bring the power of prototyping to a whole new level by building your in-house prototypes with the Stratasys Design Series. The Design Series enables you to shorten your design and development cycles substantially, enhances communication and collaboration, increases your speed-to-market and reduces costly mistakes.

The Stratasys Design Series offers PolyJet™ Technology for Precision Prototyping Solutions and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology for Performance Prototyping Solutions.

Precision 3D Printer

With our precision prototyping solutions, sharing models of your ideas with your team and clients becomes faster and builds more confident buy-in. Precision 3D Printers set the industry standard for final-product realism and accuracy. Based on PolyJet 3D Printing technology, these systems give you the best surface quality and fine details together with the widest range of material properties in the market and the ability to print multi-material models. Produce astonishing color and multi-material that look and feel just like your future products.



3D print white models..

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    Objet30 Pro

    Produce specialty models..

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      Objet30 Prime_Left_closed

      Objet30 Prime

      Build flexible or specialty models..

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        Objet Eden

        Build precise single-material models..

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          Objet260 Connex1

          3D print with 14 materials..

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            Objet260 Connex2

            3D print with 120 materials..

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              Objet260 Connex3

              Create in color with 1000 over materials..

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                Performance 3D Printer

                Powered by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, Performance 3D Printers deliver 3D modeling in real ABSplus thermoplastic. Parts are durable and dimensionally stable — perfect for tough testing. And materials are affordable, meaning you can work iteratively with frequent 3D modeling. And materials are affordable, so you can work iteratively and test frequently.


                Dimension1200es (SST/BST)

                Durability meets afforability..

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                  Dimension Elite

                  High resolution, great durability..

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                    Fortus 250mc

                    Durability and details with maximum control..

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