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3D print in 9 colors with standard thermoplastic

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology creates 3D printed parts in production-grade thermoplastics, including ABSplus.

With ABSplus being the most affordable Stratasys 3D printing material, designers and engineers are able to work iteratively, print their prototypes frequently and test it thoroughly. Its durability allows models and prototypes to perform like the final product.


Download ABSplus Spec Sheet

3D Printing With ABSplus

Using FDM Technology, ABSplus offers the widest range of colours available in ivory, white, black, dark grey, red, blue, olive green, nectarine and fluorescent yellow. There is also an additional option for custom colours.

3D printed parts in ABSplus are mechanically strong and stable over time. Due to its engineering properties mixed in the soluble support materials, no strenuous effort is required to remove support materials with complex shapes and deep cavities.

ABSplus is available on:

  • Stratasys Idea Series 3D Printers
  • Design Series Performance 3D Printers
  • Fortus 250mc 3D Production System.
  • Dimension BST 1200es Design Series 3D Printer (Breakaway support material)


ABSplus Spec Sheet

ABSplus Spec Sheet

Check out the mechanical, thermal, electrical and other properties of ABSplus.