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3D print translucent parts in standard thermoplastic

Generate translucent prototypes in amber, red and natural colour with ABSi using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. Beneficial in automotive design, this material empowers FDM systems to build components that allow light to pass through. Users will be able to monitor fluid movement of the translucent parts, such as medical-device prototyping.

ABSi is engineered to work with Fortus 400mc and 900mc 3D Production Systems.


Download ABSi Spec Sheet

3D Printing With ABSi

3D print see-through prototypes if light transmission or flow monitoring is essential in your work process. Create concept models and functional prototypes that replicate the exact model without having to outsource your ideas. ABSi lets designers and engineers expand use of their Stratasys 3D Production Systems beyond tough opaque parts. This material is particularly useful in automotive, aerospace and medical-device manufacturing.

ABSi Spec Sheet

ABSi Spec Sheet

Check out the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of ABSi.