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3D print bio-compatible, sterilizable parts

3D print bio-compatible and sterilizable parts. ABS-M30i is a bio-compatible 3D printing material that is applicable for medical, pharmaceutical and food-packaging engineers, designers producing surgical planning models, tools and fixtures in-house.


Download ABS-M30i Spec Sheet

3D Printing With ABS-M30i

ABS-M30i works with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology to build functional prototypes, tooling and end-use parts that can be gamma or EtO sterilized. This engineering thermoplastic has good mechanical strength and complies with ISO 10993 and USP Class IV.

FDM Technology offers a soluble support material for ABS-M30i for support removal efficiency and hands-free. ABS-M30i works with Fortus 400mc and 900mc 3D Production Systems.

ABS-M30i Spec Sheet

ABS M30i Spec Sheet

Check out the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of ABS-M30i.