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General Improvements

1. General new tools

  • 3D PDF files can now be generated directly from the Mimics Innovation Suite to publish your 3D medical models in a universal file format. PDFs are ideal for viewing, navigating and interacting with your 3D models
  • Mimics Action log – An improved traceability of the segmentation process incorporates a log that saves in your project file as a separate document for training or recommending a workflow for similar cases
  • Ellipse measurements – The new measurement tools characterize elliptical shapes accurately, integral to the structures of tomorrow, and easily exports them for advanced analysis

Ellipse Measurements


2. New tools for segmentation

  • Smart Expand is used as a fine-tuning smoothing and editing segmentation tool that provides a fast calculation of your 3D bone or soft tissue model from MRI/CT images

3. New measurement tools

  • With the multi planar re-slice (MPR), researchers can compare common clinical measurements from specific anatomical planes with new alternative measurements all within the Mimics Innovation Suite. A narrowing in a tubular structure can be quantified effortlessly with the new curve planar re-slice (CPR) tool created by drawing a spline or centerline
  • Centerline and associated measurements, including the new triad and ellipticity measurements, can now be exported directly to MATLAB for additional analyses from artery characterization to defining orientation tensors for composite materials

Curve Planar Re-slice (CPR) - Image Courtesy by Prof. Bosmans - UZA - Belgium


4. New design tools

  • New custom implant design tools – accurately design a reconstruction of a patient’s missing anatomy by manipulating an automatically generated guiding curve. The design can be solid or made porous with the cage design tool. It is finalized by using the custom reconstruction plate wizard to prepare a plate ready for milling or 3D printing
  • Indicate a guide’s fitting zone accurately with the smooth curve tool and then add thickness to your guide with a single operation

Create custom plates


5. New modeling tools

  • Link directly to Anybody™ for accurate patient specific musculoskeletal modeling