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Electron Beam Melting

3D Metal Printing

With 3D printing on metals, Creatz3d produces small sized to medium implants with complex geometry. Our 3D metal printing is one of the most optimal and precise process to create the required materials. It is also one of the most reliable and fastest manufacturing options in the market. At Creatz3d, we make use of Electron Beam Melting (EBM), which is a powder-based process, used in the additive manufacturing of 3D parts. The powder bed is melted by an electronic beam under high vacuum atmosphere. Our EBM method is a lot more advantageous when compared to traditional manufacturing methods:

  • Increased effectiveness in the usage of raw-materials
  • Reduced amount of finishing operations
  • Does not require additional auxiliary equipment
  • Offers freedom in design
  • Facilitates a greater level of component customisation
  • Assures decreased lead time for design and fabrication


3D Printing Materials in Singapore

EBM holds a lot of promise and potential for additive manufacturing of highly complex 3D parts.  Some of the benefits of EBM include:

  • Offers new degree of freedom when it comes to design
  • Facilitates rapid manufacturing – quick availability of parts
  • Makes way for processing of highly reactive materials
  • Processes hard-to-machine materials

EBM is perfect for applications that need high strength or high temperature, as it offers strong objects that completely match the characteristics of the fully dense target material.

The forefront of Additive Manufacturing

High energy electron beam is used in the Electron Beam Melting (EBM®) Technology to generate the power output engineered for melting capacity of metal components and productivity to be kept at its maximum. With the paradigm shift in industrial manufacturing towards 3D printing, this process allows for freedom in design by building complex geometries without tooling, fixtures and minimal waste material. Arcam is, in addition to the freedom in design and cost-efficiency, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing route due to its high material utilization.

The EBM® process begins in a vacuum, clean and controlled build environment of high temperature, ensuring the build part maintains the material properties, and results in stress relieved components with build part properties comparable to wrought and even better than that of cast material. Coupled with MultiBeam™ to maintain several melt pools simultaneously, the Arcam process is capable of delivering precision and performance at the forefront of 3D printing in metal.


Controlled Vacuum Technology

A base pressure of approximately 1×10-5 mbar or even higher is provided by the vacuum system throughout the entire build cycle. Whereas during the actual melting process, a partial pressure of Helium is then introduced to 2×10-3 mbar. This clean and controlled build environment is vital to maintain the chemical specification of the built material.

Warm Process

An optimal ambient temperature specific for the material used will constantly be kept by the electron beam that heats the entire powder bed as each layer is build upon. This warm process ensures the quality parts produced with the EBM processes are kept free of residual stresses and maintains its microstructure free from martensitic structures.

Arcam MultiBeam™

State-of-the-art deflection electronics used in Arcam’s Multibeam™ technology allows for several melt pools to be maintained at the same time. This melting strategy enables optimization of surface finish, precision and builds speed simultaneously.

EBM Hardware

The EBM machines are robust production equipment designed for industrial use. Arcam’s EBM platforms, Arcam Q10, Arcam Q20 and Arcam A2, are both designed around the same successful concept.

EBM build chamber

EBM-Built Materials

Way Beyond Average

Arcam Fatigue Test Rods


Achieving target material properties is important for any demanding application, for orthopedic implants and aerospace applications it is absolutely crucial. Arcam is committed to ensure first-class mechanical properties on all materials in our portfolio of standard materials.    Extensive testing has verified that EBM-built material fulfills all relevant standards with regards to:

  • Chemical composition
  • Mechanical properties (static as well as fatigue)
  • Microstructure

Standard Materials: