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Arcam Q20

Pushing the envelope for Additive Manufacturing

The Arcam Q20 represents the 3rd generation EBM technology. This machine is specially designed for cost-efficient manufacturing of aerospace-related components such as turbine blades and structural airframe components. It has a massive build envelope and allows building of large components and optimal stacking of smaller ones. The build chamber interior is developed for easy powder handling and fast turn-around times.


Download Arcam Q20 Spec Sheet
Arcam Q20

Arcam Q20 is the improved version of Arcam Q10 technology platform. It has the same EB gun with a larger build envelope (Ø350×380 mm). The Arcam Q20 boosts of higher productivity, increased resolution, better control tools and user friendliness. It also includes Arcam LayerQam™, Arcam’s camera-based monitoring system for inline part quality verification. The Arcam Q20 is also delivered with a powder recovery system (PRS) for closed powder handling.

The Arcam Q20 features:

  • Larger build envelope
  • Improved build platform insulation for higher productivity
  • Improved resolution
  • Arcam LayerQam™ for part quality verification
  • Software adapted to volume production
  • Fast cooling
  • Offered with closed recycling station (Powder Recovery System)


Process type: Hot powder bed / high vacuum(temperature material-dependent)

Max. build size: 350 x 380 mm (Ø/H)

Max. beam power: 3000 W

Cathode type: Single crystalline

Min. beam diameter: 180 μm

Arcam MultiBeam™ technology: Multiple melt pool process

Repositioning time: 10 ms

Translation speed, melting: Continuously variable

Active cooling: Water-cooled heat sink

Vacuum base pressure: 1×10-4 mbar

Build atmosphere: 4×10-3mbar, partial pressure of He

He consumption, build process: 4 l/h

He consumption, build cool down: 100-150 l/build

Process control: Layer verification camera system

Power supply: 3 x 400 V, 32 A, 7 kW

Size Approx.: 2300 x 1300 x 2600 mm (W x D x H)