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Arcam comes with an authenticated powder supply chain as well as a suite of supplemental equipment for effortlessly easy powder handling of 3D printing materials which live up to industrial standards.

The powder supply chain comes with complete traceability of each powder batch that’s been delivered. All powders go through extensive testing before they are released to customers and this also includes optimising EBM parameter settings to work efficiently with the powders.

Arcam also offers additional equipment, which includes explosion-protected vacuum cleaners (ATEX-classed), power handling trolleys and the Arcam Powder Recovery System (PRS).

The powder recovery systems enable integrated sieving as well as the refilling of powder containers, which in turn makes recycling all un-melted powder possible, with minimal manual intervention.


Metal Powder

Arcam has a validated powder supply chain with full traceability of every powder batch delivered ...

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Power Handling

Powder Handling

In addition to the EBM machines Arcam offers a suite of auxiliary equipment for easy and safe powder handling ...

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