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Creatz3D provides 3D Printing solutions such as Stratasys™ 3D printing systems and 3D printing materials, Arcam™ additive manufacturing solutions for metal components’ production, and Materialise™ Rapid Prototyping  & Biomedical Engineering Software



Arcam manufactures Electron Beam Melting systems for metal 3D printing. Standard bio-compatible materials, such as Titanium alloy and Cobalt-Chrome processed by EBM 3D printing technology are typically used in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries.

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Materialise software offers s data preparation software package and STL editor as well as medical image processing solutions. Their solutions are applicable to a variety of markets and industries, ranging from automotive, to medical industry, consumer goods, etc.

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Stratasys produce patented 3D Printing FDM Technology and inkjet-based PolyJet Technology to produce prototypes and manufactured goods directly from 3D CAD files. The company manufactures 3D printers and materials for prototyping and production.

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