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Founder of Bespoke Innovations and his 3D printed guitar

In early June a 3D printed guitar from Olaf Diegel, a professor at Massey University in Auckland has shaken up the music world. Scott Summit, co-founder of Bespoke Innovations, is also turning his dream he’s had since childhood into reality: to design and create his own guitar. Scott Summit and his company had developed stylish 3D […]

US Army researchers use 3D printers for rapid prototypes

The U.S. Army researchers use cutting edge 3D printers develop solutions for America’s Soldiers. In the lab of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, researchers use computers, lasers and 3D printers for rapid prototypes every day. It’s allowed us to develop items for the warfighter quicker,” said Rapid […]

Turning 8-bit sprites into 3D models ready for 3D printing

How to turn a collection of 2D images into a 3D model? One process is called “multiview stereo reconstruction” which has been using famous device “the Stanford spherical gantry” to take photos of an object from points on a spherical shell surrounding to build 3D model. However often even with such nice data, the multiview […]

3D printer helping company to bring its products to market quicker

Whale, Award-winning water pump and heating system manufacturer, today announced an increase in new business following the purchase of an Objet Connex multi-material 3D Printer for its headquarters in Bangor, Northern Ireland. “The range of materials from rigid to rubber gives us a great advantage when recreating production parts, especially the water tight material, as […]

Conceptual footwear fuses classic design with 3D printed soles

The conceptual 3D printed shoes “A Wrong Mongrel” brought by designer Ross Barber are unlike the others we’ve seen, they are only partly 3D printed. In this collection of 8 leather boots for men, Barber merged handmade footwear with 3D printing technology by adding 3D printed soles to the leather shoe line. ‘Motivated by the idea of […]

ParaNorman takes 3D printing for film one step further.

Early design sketches of Norman Facial expressions are printed out in colour on Lakias 3D printers Final facial expression as seen in ParaNorman   Puppet faces being removed from machine Actor comes face to face with on screen persona   In 2009 stop motion animation Coraline introduced  the world to 3D printed stop motion character […]

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