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3D Manufacturing Solutions Seminar

3D Manufacturing Solutions Seminar @ NextU – Post Event

  On 14th August 2014, Creatz3D, Autodesk and NextU jointly organised a seminar to share about how concept designs can be a reality in just a short period of time with 3D printing, as compared to traditional methods. 60 over keen and participants were personally invited and came for this event were left with one […]

Halo Soldier and Other post processed figures

3D Printing post processes – Part 4: Adding colors and gloss

Even a full colored print deserves the artistic finishing touches. A printed piece can be spray-painted, hand painted for added effects and glossed for the optimized realism. In any case, the first step is to always ensure the model is free of dirt, oil, dust, moisture or defects; otherwise the paint would only have attached itself to the layer of foreign material. For added effects, lightly sand the model down before applying an undercoat to achieve some surface roughness, but without compromising on the details.


3D Printing post processes – Part 3: Gluing, bonding and combining parts

Designers are often limited by the 3D printer’s build capacity. How about printing in parts to be joined together? Use quick contact adhesives, Epoxy gluing, filament welding or soldering to create beyond the build size. Read more!

Acetone treated Owl

3D Printing post processes – Part 2: Smoothing

Just like any end product, a smooth to touch surface is preferred over an uneven feel. Time to polish those diamonds in the rough! Wet sanding is recommended and always ensure that part is fully dry before applying paint or lacquer coating. Enthusiastic craftsman would even go to the extent of applying Autosol or Metasol for finishing off their sanding process.

3D printed wizard

3D Printing post processes – Part 1

PolyJet 3D printed models generally have a smooth surfaces and fine feature details direct from the printer, and readily accept off-the-shelf acrylic spray paints and lacquers.


International Conference on Advanced Design Research and Education 2014 – Post Event

The International Conference on Advanced Design Research and Education (ICADRE) aims to promote the understanding, use, and education of engineering design in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The objectives of this conference are to advance research in good design practices, to share practices of design education, and to discuss how good design practices derived […]

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