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Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo 2017

02/18/2017 0 comments
Inside 3D printing 2017

The annual ‘inside 3D printing’ conference and expo is a time where experts from all fields of the 3D ecosystems gather and share their new finding and strategies on ways to enhance work productivity. This year’s inside 3D printing 2017, brought about a widespread of solutions for Suppliers, institutions and 3D printing enthusiasts. Held at […]

Stratasys Fusion123 Series

03/10/2017 0 comments
F123 series

Jointly organised by Creatz3D and Stratasys Singapore, The Fortus123 Series 3D printer was Introduced on 6th March 2017. The unveiling of the machine took place at Stratasys Singapore headquarters where Regional Director; Mr Alex Wang greeted the guest with a warm welcome. Following the opening the introduction of Fortus123 Series was done by Stratasys Application […]

J750- Multiple colours and textures at its finest

05/10/2016 0 comments
J750_shoes_1 - Low Resolution

Get creative. Let your ideas materialize in their full, multi-coloured and multi-textured glory with ease. Consisting of 6 material channels and over 362,000 colour combinations, the Stratasys J750 3D Printer is set to revolutionize the design and production process. Gone are the days whereby you have to compromise and settle for another alternative hue when […]

Optimizing the manufacturing process with 3D Technologies Joint Seminar

04/04/2016 0 comments

“How do we ensure a streamlined manufacturing process with maximum tooling efficiency?”-that was the main topic that was discussed at the ‘Optimizing the manufacturing process with 3D technologies’ seminar on 31st March. Jointly organized by Creatz3D, Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA) and PD Solutions, the main aim of the seminar was to let […]

Airbus creates 3D Printed Partition that is set to transform the Aviation industry

01/20/2016 0 comments

Swift, agile, resilient- these are the characteristics that are often associated with airplanes. As a progressive and innovative industry, the field of Aerospace is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is no surprise that 3D Printing Technology has been incorporated into various aspects of the industry such as prototyping, tooling, replacement of obsolete parts and even end […]

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo 2016

01/28/2016 0 comments

With the objective of sharing strategies for the 3D Ecosystem and how they can be utilized to enhance work productivity, the ‘Inside 3D Printing’ Conference and Expo 2016 was the place to be for not only 3D Printing enthusiasts but 3D Printing suppliers and various institutions as well. Held at Suntec Convention Centre from January […]

Boost your proficiency in Direct Digital Manufacturing design with these tips

06/08/2015 0 comments

Like its name implies, Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) is a process whereby a product is formed directly from digital data through additive fabrication technology. Whether it is a prototype or functional end use part, DDM allows for the bypassing of usual manufacturing procedures such as molding, tooling or machining. As a result, there is a […]

MTA 2015 (Post Event)

04/24/2015 0 comments

  Precision, finesse and high quality manufacturing and engineering tools- these were the core elements at MTA 2015. Comprising of 400 exhibitors from 30 countries specialising in Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, the event was held over a span of four days and was a platform for solution providers to meet key players from various industries.   […]

Stratasys Singapore opens 3D Printing Centre

07/01/2014 0 comments
SSYS Opening

  3D Printing is gaining momentum in the Asian market with 3D printing giant, Stratasys’ move to decentralize and provide closer regional and local support within South Asia and Pacific regions. 30th of July 2014 marks the official opening of Stratasys new 3D Printing Experience Centre at 988 Toa Payoh North (Industrial Estate) #07-06, Singapore. […]

3D Printing post processes – Part 4: Adding colors and gloss

07/31/2014 0 comments
Halo Soldier and Other post processed figures

Even a full colored print deserves the artistic finishing touches. A printed piece can be spray-painted, hand painted for added effects and glossed for the optimized realism.

In any case, the first step is to always ensure the model is free of dirt, oil, dust, moisture or defects; otherwise the paint would only have attached itself to the layer of foreign material. For added effects, lightly sand the model down before applying an undercoat to achieve some surface roughness, but without compromising on the details.

3D Printing post processes – Part 2: Smoothing

07/30/2014 0 comments
Acetone treated Owl

Just like any end product, a smooth to touch surface is preferred over an uneven feel. Time to polish those diamonds in the rough! Wet sanding is recommended and always ensure that part is fully dry before applying paint or lacquer coating. Enthusiastic craftsman would even go to the extent of applying Autosol or Metasol for finishing off their sanding process.

International Conference on Advanced Design Research and Education 2014 – Post Event

07/23/2014 0 comments

The International Conference on Advanced Design Research and Education (ICADRE) aims to promote the understanding, use, and education of engineering design in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The objectives of this conference are to advance research in good design practices, to share practices of design education, and to discuss how good design practices derived […]

3D Printing Post Process: Sanding and Lacquering of VeroClear

07/22/2014 0 comments
VeroClear Foot

Users often think of the direct usage of the 3D printer’s output part as the final product that the machine can deliver. More often than not, a simple step is overlooked, including the support removal, for example. Post processing a 3D printed model enhances the design, function and sometimes even quality of the part. In […]

NTU Pro-AM 2014 – Post Event

06/02/2014 0 comments
Webbanner MOS Lee Yi Shyan and token of appreciation

The 1st International Conference on Progress In Additive Manufacturing held in NTU has seen Subject Matter Experts and Researchers from around the world coming together to share intruiguing insights and research findings on the emerging 3D Printing industry   During this 3-day event, we are proud to witness the official launch of the NTU Additive […]

How 3D Printing help change work-processes in the Consumer Products Industry

06/03/2014 0 comments

With 3D Printing technology, Companies are now producing better quality designs, at a lower cost in a shorter lead time.   The Consumer products industry is one of the largest and the most competitive industries in the world, ranging from consumer electronics, sporting goods, toys etc. For these companies, Research & Development is one of the […]

Additive Manufacturing in Architecture

05/22/2014 0 comments

Additive Manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D Printing, have been a revelation in today’s Architecture Industry. This breakthrough technology have helped firms innovate new work processes and strategies to adapt and thrive in this era. The revolution in Architecture accompanied by the rising urban population has altered and transformed development patterns and Architecture today. This […]

WDM Technology – 3D print the Industry’s most accurate wax ups

05/15/2014 0 comments
TrueCast 3D Printed Crown Wax-up

  WDM (Wax Deposition Modeling) is a breakthrough technology that produces extremely precise wax-ups with incredibly fine detail and smooth surfaces, in a casting material that burns away clean for a beautiful final product with minimal post-processing.   WDM 3D Printers works by jetting tiny droplets of a wax-like material called TrueWax onto a build […]


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