Hosted by Innocom & Redstack respectively, the Autodesk Manufacturing Conference 2014 has been a great success. As a partner exhibitor at this conference, Creatz3d is delighted to see interested participants from a wide array of industries!

Held on 13th & 27th June respectively, the 2 day conference has gathered hundreds of participants from various industries, such as the Engineering, Education, Manufacturing sector, to name a few. During this annual conference, participants have gained an insight on trends, benefits and processes of virtual prototyping as well as 3D Printing. As technology is growing at a rate so rapid, business and work processes have to adapt to this advancement in order to stay in this competitive environment. Creatz3d, is dedicated in helping businesses and organisations in transforming their work processes through the use of additive manufacturing. We believe 3D Printing is an effective solution that is applicable to an extensive range of issues within an organisation’s work-process. As a proud partner exhibitor of Autodesk Manufacturing Conference 2014, we are pleased to be able to engage with participants and to share our technologies as well as exploring the avenues in improving work flow.

Creatz3d would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the organisers as well as the participants whom have make this event a success. Find out more about 3D Printing technology, benefits and capabilities today. Understand how 3D Printing have aid in the transformation of a range of industries from our case studies.