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FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modeling. High engineering grade materials are melted and extruded layer by layer for truly reliable 3D Print.

Endur, an advanced simulated polypropylene material for PolyJet-based 3D Printers is the new durable and flexible addition to Stratasys’ growing materials portfolio.

Featuring the new Arcam Q20 printer with a larger build envelop of Ø350×380 mm. It is also delivered with a powder recovery system (PRS) for closed powder handling.

What is 3D Printing all about?

3D Printing, also known as Rapid Prototyping (RP) or Additive Manufacturing, is what brings about the swift construction of physical models by utilising 3D computer aided design (CAD) data.

3D printing, in Singapore specifically, is used in a wide range of industries in order to allow companies turn ingenious ideas into successful end products quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve been wondering where to buy 3d printers in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Our professional 3d printing solutions imitate your original product to give you exactly the kind of prototype you need.

Professional 3d Printing Solutions

Creatz3d is dedicated to offering high-quality, fully integrated 3D printing systems that suit any design, engineering or prototyping environment. We take pride in our unrivalled 3D printer range that is of industry-leading quality, accessibility and excellent value. Creatz3d is your ideal place to buy professional 3D printers in Singapore as we assure efficiency, high accuracy and reliability to offer high-quality 3D printers. In addition to all these benefits, we offer a comprehensive range of 3D printers with competitive prices.

With our 3D printers, you will be able to print your prototype in a short span of time, communicate and obtain feedback, refine the designs again and repeat the cycle until you are satisfied with the designs. Our 3D printers will also help you cut traditional prototyping and tooling costs, thus enabling you to identify design errors at an early stage and reduce production facilities. Thus, with our 3D printers, you will be able to reduce development costs and speed up your business operations.

3D Printing Services in Singapore

The costs involved in our 3D printing services will be lesser than the traditional manufacturing or fabrication methods. After the design is perfected, it can be produced in the desired material, thus saving you a lot in terms of time and money. This reduction in prototype costs will help you in changing the course of your business, thereby paving way for increase in profits.

With 3D printing, your company will be proactive and able to come out with better quality products. You can produce your designs quickly and in a cost-effective manner, making changes wherever required. You will also be able to build inexpensive prototypes and evaluate your products before they go for production.

3D Printing in Industries

Learn how our 3D Printing Technologies can help different industries think faster, innovate better and broaden horizons.